Tuesday, June 23, 2009

India will emerge eventually

I seriously don't care if India becomes a superpower or not,but every Indian should have at least 3 meals a day,be clothed and have a roof over of his head.The measure of a country's success is not by its nuclear arsenal or by its army's strength.Whats the use of all this if your people are starving.India was the biggest economy in the world in the 17th century when the so called Western powers had poverty and some were still barbarians.Now,that was till the Brits invaded us and robbed the country.They looted,raped and plundered.India has been a silent witness to such things in the past with muslim invaders also but they would loot and leave.The Brits had heard of India being the golden sparrow and of its abundant wealth.No wonder it was called as the "Jewel in the crown" amongst all colonies.Now when Gandhi threw them out in 1947,they left grudgingly and left behind a divided India and a tottering nation deprived of all its wealth,and with a drained economy.The riots that ensued during partition left deep scars on both sides which havent yet healed.Divide and rule policy is what they applied cruelly over two centuries and won many battles.Real shrewd buggers.Indians were naive chaps,very gullible and always wanting to please the white master.
Now after 62 years a lot of Indians and outsiders ask why India hasn't developed the way many nations who got Independence simultaneously did! The answer is that India was pulled back 200 years by the British,who didn't let the country or its people advance.So, in 62 years we haven't done badly for ourselves considering how we were forcibly kept back and our growth was stunted.We haven't done badly at all and should be proud.The U.S got its independence in 1776 and they started becoming a superpower post 1945 after the war.So,do your maths and see how long it took them after independence and also give due consideration that they were not drained by years of British rule like India.The Brits never wanted to leave,such were the revenues earned from India.
So my dear friends,India's favourite song which we all grew up with "We shall overcome" is India's unsaid motto.We shall and we will overcome.India's destiny awaits it and its children.One of my brothers correctly and aptly said that,"India wins over hearts and is not a follower of muscle games", but at the same time India doesn't welcome aggression in any form.History proves it.
India is a great nation.A nation where elders are still respected,families stay together,divorce is a taboo and the neighbour is cared for too.We have culture and tradition going back since ancient times.No power or country can just blow away India like a candle.Amongst the Hindus there's a sayin "Jako raakhe saiyan,maar sake na koi" which loosely translated means that "The one who God protects cannot be touched".India has religion as a power if not anything.People are very religious unlike in many Western countries there is no religion,which is a binding and bonding factor in India.
India will triumph and I dont care if it becomes a superpower or not but it will emerge a great nation,which it always has been.People of the world don't know it yet,but they will....gradually.Jai ho!!

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