Monday, July 6, 2009

A few laugh's we shared in Sydney

From my previous posts it may have seemed to some of you that we never had a light moment in Sydney.That's not true! On the contrary we had a few,and after almost three years,when we sit and reminisce; we laugh about those moments.Friends,a wise person once remarked "Life is about making memories" and I would like to add "Make sure you make good ones also".So here goes down memory lane:

Sunday in Newtown:
Newtown is a suburb in Sydney's inner-west and is known for its fashion stores,eateries and live music in the weekends.My partner had been pestering me to go there and I didn't like the idea of going there during night time.We took the train instead on an afternoon and thought of catching lunch.We did our recce and had a quick Thai lunch and did some more gallivanting around the market.Now my partner and her fetish,bordering greed for ice creams is legendary in our circle of friends.We saw this cute gelato shop,I think it was called Dolce&Gelato on King street.A smart Italian gentleman was there behind the counter and he let my partner choose the flavours for both of us.Now as a rule when I'm with her I let her do all the ordering,paying etc as I'm too lazy.I have no silly notions of manhood which will diminish if a woman pays,or orders etc etc.What manhood is it that gets affected by such trivial things.I sympathise with all fools thinking in such a manner.All fools thinking like that should see a Shrink at the earliest to fix their misplaced manhood.Why do any work if its been done for you without complains and doesn't cost a dime?Anyway,I very boldly goaded her to have 2 scoops and the Italiano put big dollops of it.I don't remember the flavours but it was so yummm........and we kept eating and eating and eating but the bloody thing wouldn't finish.The Italiano had given it to us with such passion that we dare not throw it and he wouldn't budge.So we sat and waited till he moved to the store room and we quickly dumped the leftovers,I shouted a grazi mucho and stormed out.Once outside we laughed our heads off.God,we sat there constipated,for about 15minutes to throw it off without him noticing.

Girl on the bus:
In our initial days in Sydney,even taking a bus was a pain since we didn't know anything about anything.So one day we decided to check out the city and got on board a bus.My over smart partner shoved a $50 bill in the drivers face and the bewildered look he had on his face showed he didn't get many $50 bills.He politely told us that he didn't have change for that and we should either get change or leave the bus.In my whole life I don't remember asking anyone for help.My partner is a little more thick skinned read as street smart,and she looked around for a kind face.Everyone turned away and seemed to have their glance fixed outside the windows.A kind girl who was our knight in shining armour paid for us with her pass.So she swiped it twice in the ticket scanner.I was shocked.My partner was happily chatting.Like I said,I have a lot of pride,good or bad is another issue.I told my partner to ask her where she was getting off to return he money.Unfortunately she got off earlier and told us to give the money to charity.I plagued my partner to pay it off everyday and she never found salvation army or a charity.After a few weeks she gave the ticket money to salvation army.I then looked for that girl till we found her to tell that we gave the money to salvation army.She seemed amused,I wasn't.I was relieved.I don't take favours and if I do I repay it.My partner found that amusing.But that's me,a Delhi boy.But I could never forget that girl who saved me the embarrassment of being chucked off the bus.Good on you girl!!

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