Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back in Sydney

I apologise for the gap in my entry as I was away in Cairns,and the place where we were staying didn't have Internet access for the period of our stay.
Now,Cairns is a lovely place! To me it was a bit like Kerala and Goa.So you can Imagine how beautiful it is.It was truly out of the world! Now we took the Virgin blue flight from Sydney and it was delayed due to fog in Brisbane and our flight carrier was originating from Brisbane.I must say that I loved their service and attitude.Very polite and efficient.The Cairns airport is undergoing some repair work which required me and my partner to walk from one end to the other for baggage collection.Good exercise.We picked up a car from East coast car rentals who messed up the bookings a bit but Mini car rentals which is next doors, was nice.The customer service rep,a girl called Lia helped us out.We stayed at a place called Trinity beach resort which was lovely and the beach was just 200m away.The staff and owners were very welcoming and the apartments were also self styled and suited our purpose.There was an IGA at a 2 minutes drive from our resort which was super rocking.

We covered most of the attractions like the barrier reef,corals,kuranda skyrail and the train etc.Port Douglas which is a 1.5 hour drive was also fabulous and the Hartley Croc farm on the way was also worth a visit.

Now what I liked most about Cairns was that the people were so courteous,traffic was so organised and there was no rudeness or aggression anywhere.A little of that behaviour we saw came from tourists.

Whoa,when we came outside Sydney airport it was a rude awakening.A big shock.

People are so busy here that they have become insensitive and selfish, hence the aggression and the honking and the swearing.

Me and my partner don't know where we will settle down but we know that Sydney is no longer a safe prospect to consider settling down here.

The Indian students were right to protest but resorting to violence is not a way out.Two wrongs don't make a right.They came to study here and not become vigilante's or goonie's.There are other people who are doing a good job at that and soon their deeds will catch up with them.
But the whole episode has exposed the lackadaisical attitude of the Australian Police and how they look the other way and turn a blind eye to many of these incidents.Won't be too far fetched to say that some characters here are playing these gullible boys to their advantage.God save them from these Parasites.Australian government is only concerned with the lucrative business they're in danger of loosing,and not about the plight of the ones who contribute to that business.Insensitive is all I can call them.In fact the Universities who lure them here vouching for the safety and protection of Australia are the ones to be held responsible.Now,that would be asking for too much.God bless these hapless souls.Only he can help them now as the law can't or won't.

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