Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Its quiet in Sydney and Melbourne

I was waiting to see if anything concrete will happen with regards to the students being bashed that rocked the Indian community.Nothing concrete has happened,only promises or claims of what will be done.Not good enough.There was a big turnout by the student community in Melbourne and they were camping near Flinders street I believe,which is near the Train Station.The cops did look perturbed on TV as the crowd was big.The students did stage a night out there and finally in the morning the cops resorted to force to evict them from their protest.One student was injured and the commissioner of police apologised.

Reminded me of the movie Gandhi where the Brits forcibly remove peaceful protesters.In this case the students were agitated and did break some window panes, and some White bystanders resorted to racial slurs and asked them to go home.They will say that they meant home in Melbourne but the real intent is any ones guess.

In today's Sydney Morning Herald there was a report that the PM has deputed a chap to look into the Indian incidents.They will need to as the Indian student community brings $2billion into the economy and they are lucrative.Many parents have asked their wards to return as with India's booming economy,they don't see s need to take these risk's.Some reportedly have gone back already.

The truth is that I have never faced racism In Australia,but after 8pm on trains I have faced a threat from drunk people,mostly bums on centre link.In Australia people like me slog and pay heavy taxes and this money goes towards paying bums and do no gooder's who are incidentally citizens.They use the money to drink,smoke,gamble and abuse poor people on roads and trains.I've had bums who were drunk at 10am,approaching me for "Change" and abusing me when I refused.
So.these boys who face these threats are just unfortunate to be out at that time, as all the low lives and do no gooder's are up and shining.They're uneducated and frustrated youths who envy these guys and probably need some quick cash to get drugs.These poor Indian guys are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hope something comes out of all these meetings deputations of security in charges,as the government can't afford a drop in Indian students to Australia.Good luck guys!

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